Project Example

How the Echo Platform Helped Drive and Monitor Behavior Change amongst Low-income Teenage Girls

Kenyan girls miss four days of school every month, often due to pain connected to their menstrual cycle, lack of sanitary products and lack of knowledge about their period. This problem is acute in low-income settlements, where sanitary products are costly and hard to find, school facilities are inadequate, and health education is poor.

In 2018, The Case For Her (TCFH) partnered with Echo Mobile to pilot new ways of addressing these access and awareness problems. The “Sheosk” pilot included a training program for girls at low-income schools and the distribution of sanitary products to kiosks in the surrounding areas.

To verify behavior change, assess girls’ ability to pay, and monitor their product choices, TCFH turned to the Echo platform’s powerful SMS features.

The pilot data collected by TCFH through the Echo platform suggests that consumer education and access can have a social impact, and that this impact can be monitored and verified via low-cost, high-access channels like SMS.

Source: ECHO Mobile

Date of Publication: December 6, 2020