Joint WHO/ILO Guidelines on Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) to Prevent HIV Infection

This publication aims to provide a unified framework to guide both PEP policy development and the implementation of services. These guidelines include suggestions for inclusion of information about PEP in HIV testing and counseling situations, and how to integrate PEP counseling training into the education regimen of service providers.

The content of these guidelines is organized as follows:

  • Chapter 2 discusses the general development of PEP policies and strategies for implementing programs
  • Chapter 3 addresses the overall management of HIV PEP in general terms
  • Chapters 4 and 5 discuss specific policy development and clinical management of occupational exposure (Chapter 4) and exposure from sexual assault (Chapter 5)

In addition to a list of further reading, which includes published guidelines on HIV testing and counselling, several other resources that users might find helpful are attached as annexes, such as: sample checklists, service provider scripts, patient information sheets and documentation templates, which can be adapted to suit users’ specific needs.

Last modified: July 23, 2021

Language: English