Malaria Case Management: Monitoring and Evaluation for SBCC

In response to low uptake of malaria prevention and care strategies, this how-to guide was developed to support professionals from National Malaria Control Programs (NMCPs), health promotion units, technical working groups, and implementing partners to monitor and evaluate SBCC activities that support case management. This guide will take the reader through five steps in developing and executing a plan for monitoring and evaluating SBCC components of malaria case management interventions, and then provide three examples based on actual SBCC programs.

  1. Step-By-Step Guide: This guide was developed to walk users through the process of designing and executing a monitoring and evaluation plan for malaria case management SBCC programs.
  2. Illustrative Examples: Three examples have been included in this guidance. Each example gives a common scenario, steps for monitoring or evaluating in that specific situation, and an example of an actual program that faced those specific challenges.

Last modified: April 13, 2020

Language: English