Measuring Social and Behavioural Drivers of Child Protection Issues: Guidance Tool

This monitoring tool aims at measuring social and behavioral drivers and assisting COs in collecting evidence of their programmes’ impact.

The monitoring toolkit comprises of:

  • Lists of indicators for a number of pre-selected social andbehavioural change drivers. Indicators were prioritised fromthe full framework in consultation with HQ, selected COs (according to the prevalence of these issues in their context) and regional office sections.
  • Generic (i.e. not-context specific) quantitative surveys basedon the finalised lists of indicators.

The tool intends to provide a quantitative answer to the following research questions:

  • How much do each of the key drivers, previously identified as relevant during formative research, influence said behavior? This question applies to individual, social and environmental drivers alike.
  • Which social drivers help explain why people are practicing said behavior?

Last modified: September 30, 2021

Language: English, French

Source: UNICEF

Year of Publication: 2018