Nourishing Connections – Community Health Worker Job Aid

Breakthrough ACTION and USAID Advancing Nutrition partnered with communities in Kebbi State, Nigeria to think about ways to develop tools to help community health workers (CHWs) practice compassionate counseling on nutrition. Using a human-centered design approach, the two projects worked with CHWs to develop tools that are easy to use and that help build trusted connections with caregivers and their families.

This booklet provides detailed instructions for community health workers to counsel mothers on child feeding in a compassionate way.

The Nutritional Job Aid helps CHWs improve feeding practices for children with tailored discussions and problem-solving. Use this when the topic is about feeding children six to 24 months.

The Nourishing Connections job aid includes the following interactive and engaging supporting tools for home visits and community activities: a price comparison, trivia, and card game. Nutrition programs can test any of these game-changing elements in their own activities. Although the tools were designed in Nigeria, Breakthrough ACTION and USAID Advancing Nutrition developed them with global adaptation in mind and encourage such adaptation.

Last modified: March 30, 2023

Language: English