Oral Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis – Questions and Answers

This document provides basic guidance to program managers interested in developing a PrEP implementation program.

The document covers the following:

  • What is the current guidance?
  • Who is PrEP for?
  • Can PrEP bring HIV prevention to people “left behind”?
  • What about people who are only at risk of acquiring HIV infection during certain periods?
  • How does PrEP need to be taken?
  • Didn’t some trials show effectiveness with fewer PrEP doses?
  • How long does it take for PrEP to become effective in different types of tissue, and how long does this last?
  • Is introducing PrEP leading to sexual behaviour that is less safe?
  • Do third parties pose additional risk?
  • Is PrEP safe?
  • Can PrEP cause resistance to antiretroviral medicines?
  • How can PrEP be delivered?
  • How does PrEP fit within national HIV programmes?
  • What authorization is needed to implement PrEP?

Last modified: March 25, 2019

Language: English