Positive Connections: Leading Information and Support Groups for Adolescents Living with HIV

A guide that provides facilitators with background information about the needs of ALHIV, tips for starting an adult-led information and support group, and 14 sessions to follow in a group setting. The goal of the guide is to help ALHIV:

  • Understand their HIV diagnosis and participate in the management of their care and treatment
  • Learn that many young people live healthy and productive lives while living with HIV
  • Identify strategies for positive living including adhering to their treatment regimen
  • Prevent transmitting HIV to others; avoid re-infection; consistently use family planning to prevent unintended pregnancy; and learn how to avoid infecting their babies, if they want to start a family
  • Develop life skills such as understanding their emotions, communicating effectively, dealing with stigma and discrimination, making decisions about their future, and improving their quality of life

Last modified: March 25, 2019

Language: English