Resources for Measuring Social Norms: A Practical Guide for Program Implementers

This document is part of the work of the Learning Collaborative’s Measurement Community of Practice, whose goal was to enhance the ability of practitioners to measure social norms.

This was done via ongoing dialogue, and by compiling and sharing social norms measurement tools that are now publicly available on the Map of Social Norms-focused Projects and their Measurement Approaches. This document is a complement to what exists on the map and is built on the foundation of material shared by Community members, including data collection tools, program documents such as theories of change, insights on the measurement of social norms, and implications of norm measurement for programming.

This guide aims to provide guidance on how to approach measuring social norms, when different approaches may be most useful, provide examples of how to collect these data based on accepted measurement approaches and provide insight into how to use the information gathered about social norms to inform programming.

Last modified: May 28, 2019

Language: English