Project Example

Empowering Boys and Girls to Change Gender Norms: CHOICES: A Curriculum for 10 to 14 Year Olds in Nepal

The CHOICES curriculum is designed to help change well-established gender-related attitudes and behavior.

The intervention aims to improve the lives of young girls and women and to help girls feel more respected and empowered to achieve their dreams. The curriculum revolves around eight participatory age- and developmentally-appropriate activities to promote dialogue around respect, communication, fairness and dreams for the future between boys and girls. It explores the themes of gender inequity and power, identifying small actions that can promote gender equity and respect and empower girls.

The results of the CHOICES evaluation clearly show that CHOICES was effective in creating a shift toward more gender-equitable norms in terms of household and school roles and responsibilities among young girls and boys. Included here are the CHOICES curriculum and a brief describing the curriculum and the results of its evaluation.

Source: Save the Children

Date of Publication: November 30, 2020