Think BIG tool: Prioritizing and Integrating Behaviors

This tool, Think BIG (Behavioral Integration Guidance), helps organizations prioritize which behaviors to integrate into their programming to make the best use of available resources and achieve rapid results. Think BIG is a behavior-centered process for reaching development goals.

Behavior Integration is a way to design and implement programs that defines outcomes as specific behaviors required to achieve the development goal, ensuring that strategy, project and activity design are behavior-led, not intervention-driven. Behavior Integration means ensuring that the behaviors required to achieve your goal — for example, a reduction in maternal and child deaths — are at the center of program planning and implementation.

Focusing on behaviors helps programs achieve more rapid results and make better use of resources as behaviors are the element closest to outcomes we can change. By focusing on behaviors, programs improve effectiveness by clarifying drivers of outcomes, facilitating design, and establishing meaningful markers of progress and impact. Focusing on behaviors also improves efficiency by prioritizing investments, creating a unifying program framework, identifying redundancies, and facilitating activity coordination.

Last modified: August 30, 2019

Language: English