Creative Brief Budget Template

Every budget is different and depends on the scope of the project or activity. This budget template provides an outline to help think about what may be included in a budget. The template prompts the user to include budget items such as salaries, benefits, consultants, travel, supplies, meetings, activities, equipment, and media. It also prompts […]

Child, Early, and Forced Marriage Resource Guide

The Guide provides an overview of the scope of the Child, Early, and Forced Marriage (CEFM), its causes and consequence, where it occurs, and why it matters. It also provides evidence on the most effective, evidence-based approaches to addressing CEFM. CEFM is a cross-cutting issue that cannot be solved by efforts within any one sector. […]

Audience-Focused Literature Review Template

This is a template which can be used to help organize information during a Literature Review that is audience focused. It includes sections on: Source; Study Population; Problem Scope/Size; Context: Social, Political, Economic; Health; Audiences; Current Knowledge, Attitude, Beliefs; Behaviors; Factors influencing behavior: Individual/Family/ Community/Society/Health System; Communication Channels.

Stakeholder Engagement Plan Template

This template is to be used in planning the stakeholder engagement process. It has space for information about: Subject of Engagement – Scope Strategic Objectives – Intended Outcomes Engagement Approach – Method(s) Targeted Stakeholder Groups & Representatives It also provides space for information about logistics, payment, ground rules, and record keeping. This template is taken […]

Men’s Health Kit

The Men’s Health Kit was designed in Zambia as a facility-based teaching aid that can be used by health providers when counseling men about health. Initially designed around counseling for Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision, the initial focus groups with men expanded its scope to ‘everything men wanted to know about SRH but were afraid to […]