Project Example

7 Pasos Para la Atención Prenatal Personalizada (7 Steps for Personalized Prenatal Care) [Poster]

A poster containing the basic elements for personalized prenatal care. It is used in health facilities as a reminder to providers of the 7 steps to personalized prenatal care. It is also used in training workshops on prenatal care. The photograph in the poster can be replaced with actual members of the health provider team in that facility.

The 7 steps covered are: 1. Treat the woman and those who accompany her with kindness and respect, 2. Conduct a rapid initial assessment of the situation, 3. Completely fill out the Maternal Neonatal file, 4. Conduct the obstetric physical exam, 5. Analyze the information obtained and determine the necessary actions, 6. Explain the danger signs to the woman, and 7. Help the woman to prepare her emergency plan.

Source: Johns Hopkins University Center for Communication Programs, JHPIEGO

Date of Publication: March 25, 2019