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Counseling for Effective Use of Family Planning [Curriculum]

This counseling curriculum was developed to help recognize counseling as a skill and allocate sufficient classroom time for practicing skills and receiving feedback by addressing the needs of return clients in addition to new clients and by bringing the client perspective into training to trigger client-centered thinking and counseling.

This counseling training curriculum aims to improve the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of trainees in assessing and addressing clients’ FP needs through individualized counseling. Because counseling is recognized as a skill to be mastered, this curriculum puts emphasis on building counseling skills through practice and feedback. The curriculum specifically emphasizes the individual client’s circumstances and broader reproductive health (RH) needs and the importance of considering these factors when helping clients select an appropriate FP method.

The approach to FP counseling training, the content, and the training methods and tools presented in this curriculum are designed to overcome some of the traditional shortcomings of FP counseling.

Sections cover: getting to know the clients, building communication and counseling skills, and provides role play and other training modules.

Source: EngenderHealth

Date of Publication: March 25, 2019