Project Example

IPC Training Aid Video and User’s Manual

The Nepal Family Health Program (NFHP-I) was a six-year (2002-2007) bilateral activity of United States Agency for International Development, Nepal (USAID/N) with the Government of Nepal. Its overall goal was to support the Government’s long-term goal of reducing fertility and under-five mortality within the context of the National Health Policy and Second Long-Term Health Plan 1997-2017. .

This interpersonal communication audio visual training aid and user’s manual was created to complement and supplement the national Female Community Health Volunteers (FCHV) Training Curriculum. The objective of the A/V training aide was to reinforce the content of IPC training sessions by demonstrating standard and effective IPC skills. The specific objectives were:

  • To help FCHVs understand the importance of IPC skills and practicing the skills in their work
  • To demonstrate FCHVs with standard, appropriate and consistent skills in IPC

The User’s Manual was developed for the users of the IPC training video, primarily for the trainers who conduct the FCHV basic and refresher training.

The total length of the A/V training aide is 30 minutes and the characters used in the video are imaginary. In this video, FCHVs portraying three different geographical areas – Terai, Hills and Mountains.

The IPC training video can be found here.

The User’s Manual can be found here.

Source: Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health/ Center for Communication Programs

Date of Publication: December 11, 2019