Project Example

Malaria Treatment Packaging With Visual Treatment Regimen

Breakthrough ACTION Guyana used a human-centered design process to reimagine malaria treatment packaging for gold miners living and working in the country’s hinterland regions. This intervention is currently being implemented in Guyana.

Breakthrough ACTION Guyana convened multiple stakeholders and designed and tested various prototypes for redesigned treatment packaging. The emergent prototype is a weather-proof envelope containing the malaria treatment tablets which malaria testers provide to miners who test positive for malaria. The envelope features images showing the malaria treatment regimen for P. Vivax, P. Falciparum, and a mixed infection, which are the most common types of malaria in Guyana. The images depict malaria parasites in the body gradually depleting as the regimen in completed.

Additional information about the research and methods which informed this intervention is available here:

Source: Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs

Date of Publication: October 20, 2022