Project Example

Pre-Test Report of Triple S, ‘Sexy, Smart and Safe’ Health Promotion Campaign

The goal of the Sex, Smart and Safe campaign is to reduce HIV incidence among sex workers (SWs) and their partners and to empower SWs to individually and collectively take steps towards their own protection. The purpose of the package of materials is to: 1) provide SWs with the information they need to make informed choices related to STI and HIV prevention, personal safety, and the law, 2) to build individual and collective efficacy around STI and HIV prevention and personal safety practices, 3) to increase dialogue among SWs on these topics, and 4) to reinforce communication and interventions related to personal safety and HIV prevention. This is based on the assumption that an increase in knowledge, self-efficacy, and dialogue can help SW better deal with the multiple barriers to HIV prevention they are facing. This report describes the pretesting methods and results before the campaign began. The pretest was done to assess the acceptability, visual appeal, and legibility of the campaign. It also sought to assess its capacity to produce the desired results of innovatively engaging FSW in conversations about HIV risk reduction, personal safety, rights and responsibilities using the campaign materials.

Source: FHI 360

Date of Publication: March 25, 2019