Project Example

Roshan Taro Madar: Birth Spacing Video

This 17 minute video tells the story of three men who meet in a delivery room waiting room, one awaiting the birth of his first child and one awaiting the birth of his second, three years after the first. An older man, awaiting the birth of his fifth in as many years, scoffs at their discussion of birth spacing and boasts that although she often becomes ill after delivery she always comes through. The third man’s wife dies during delivery.

The story continues several months later, with the man and wife who had just had their first child, a girl. The grandparents are pressuring the couple to have a child soon, but the wife’s friends advise her to discuss this wtih her husband. She does, and the next day the two of them go to the clinic for birth spacing counseling.

Source: Health Communication Component, Pakistan

Date of Publication: March 25, 2019