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The Situation Analysis of Children and Women in Belize: An Ecological Review

This document serves as the guiding document for the elaboration of the Country Programme of Cooperation between UNICEF and the Government of Belize (2013-20161 ), and will contribute to the development of the new Common Country Assessment (CCA) and the United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF).

It incorporates a substantial number of surveys, assessments, evaluations and studies that have been conducted by the government of Belize (GOB), the National Commission on Families and Children (NCFC), Non-Governmental Organisations, UNICEF and other UN agencies, and other development and local organisations, updating and providing additional information on the status of women and children in Belize and the factors contributing to their current status. Impacts of the changing economic environment in Belize as a consequence of the global recession are documented.

Source: UNICEF

Date of Publication: September 30, 2021