Project Example

Strategic Malaria Communication Guide for Central America

This Strategic Malaria Communication Guide was developed following an assessment that included in-depth interviews of key actors and a literature review that led to the definition of key focus areas and recommended communication tactics that National
Malaria Programs (NMPs) in Central America should use to further their goals. It provides recommendations on key messages, target audiences, communication channels, and activities that NMPs can implement to foster effective communication with other actors and move towards malaria elimination. This guide seeks to:

  • Build awareness among NMP representatives in Central American countries about proven communication and advocacy practices to help create the appropriate conditions for malaria elimination.
  • Orient NMP representatives and other actors to the resources and reference materials available for malaria communication, which can be adapted and applied to regional and country-level efforts to reduce malaria transmission.

Source: USAID

Date of Publication: March 25, 2019