Project Example

Talking About LARCs with Young Clients Video & Discussion Guide

This video, which is part of a set of materials for young women on LARCs, is intended for service providers to guide them in how to approach young women who are interested in postponing pregnancy and searching for an appropriate contraceptive. There is a discussion guide which accompanies the video.

The materials are available in English and French.

The purpose of this discussion guide is:

  • To accompany the video so viewers may reflect on, debate and draw insights from the content they have watched
  • Facilitate discussions among health pr:oviders about their role and their needs in delivering comprehensive contraceptive counseling for young people
  • Increase providers’ comfort and confidence in providing comprehensive contraceptive counseling for young people that includes information about LARCs

Intended users include:

  • Program managers or staff working with healthcare providers on offering a range of voluntary contraceptive methods, including LARCs, or adolescent and youth sexual and reproductive health issues
  • Healthcare providers or managers who lead discussions with colleagues on delivering reproductive health services to young people

Other materials in this set (also in both English and French) include:

Source: Johns Hopkins University Center for Communication Programs

Date of Publication: March 25, 2019