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Wise Woman’s Diary Video Series

The Wise Woman’s Diary entertainment-education video series chronicles a woman’s experiences as she traverses the various stages of the post-pregnancy period. The series promotes birth preparedness, spousal communication, early decision-making and family planning methods safety–immediately after delivery and whilst breastfeeding. They are designed to be shown in private health facilities in Lagos that serve post-pregnant women.

The series is designed for women who are pregnant or who recently gave birth in order to encourage the women to begin discussing family planning spacing options for their next child with their partner and health care provider; and be able to use LAM correctly or a modern family planning method soon after delivery.

The four episode series shows a woman during the post-pregnancy period and deals with issues related to childbirth spacing, family planning, and breastfeeding. The videos were developed by the Post-Pregnancy Family Planning Project (PPFP) in Lagos working with private health facilities and funded by MSD for Mothers and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Episode descriptions:

  • Episode 1 – Are We Prepared Enough? The wise woman prepares during pregnancy for the health of both her and baby, including visiting antenatal clinics and taking all required immunizations and medication. She discusses options of how to delay a next child with her husband and health provider during antenatal clinic visits.
  • Episode 2 – What’s the Best Way to Feed Our New Baby? The wise woman delivers in a health facility and initiates breastfeeding immediately after delivery. She discusses options for the appropriate family planning method with a health provider.
  • Episode 3 – How Can I Return to Work? The wise woman continues to exclusively breastfeed her child. She decides on an appropriate family planning method suitable for her family’s needs.
  • Episode 4 – How Do We Maintain Our Intimacy? The wise woman has resumed working and commenced supplemental foods for her baby while continuing to breastfeed her baby six months after birth. She has continued to use a modern family planning method and has no fear of unintended pregnancy.

For more information, contact: Dr Taiwo O. Johnson, Director, Private Sector,

Source: NURHI

Date of Publication: November 23, 2020