Project Example

Arab Women Speak Out: Profiles of Self Empowerment

Arab Women Speak Out™ was conceived in 1999 as an innovative documentary, training, and advocacy project designed to promote women’s empowerment and active participation in social development throughout the Near East.The project features print and video profiles of women in Egypt, Lebanon, Palestine, Tunisia, and Yemen who are perceived and respected as innovators within their communities. The primary purpose of the Arab Women Speak Out™ project is to share these women’s experiences and skills with their peers throughout the Arab region, as well as with development workers, health providers, community leaders, policy-makers, donors, and interested others. The campaign includes videos, a training module, and these profiles.

Nearly 30,000 women were reached in the governorate of Irbid through a unique two-tiered approach of AWSOmessage dissemination. 98% of AWSOParticipants reported that they had benefitted from participating in AWSO, in the form of increased self-confidence (43%); improved relationships with their spouse (32%), their families (29%), and their communities (23%); engaging in discussions about family planning with relatives (21%) as well as with friends and neighbors (23%); and speaking with someone about FP as a direct result of participation (44%).

Source: Johns Hopkins University Center for Communication Programs, The Center of Arab Women for Training and Research

Date of Publication: July 26, 2021