Project Example

Breakthrough ACTION COVID-19 Indonesia

Breakthrough-ACTION activities in Indonesia will focus on providing assistance to the overall RCCE Coordinating Task Force to finalize strategy and develop the mapping of activities by themes and geographic areas.

Program activities include:

Working with religious leaders and Ramadan messaging

  • Youth Religious Leaders
    • Providing staff to support the National COVID-19 Task Force – focused on the public communication component.
    • One focus is the community channels – disseminating materials and messages coming out of the Task Force to community networks, mainly through online channels
  • Indonesian Girls: Actions to Fight Corona Virus
    • Webinar for young women from the youth religious organizations: “Indonesian Girls Actions to Fight Corona Virus”
  • Social Media and Ramadan
    • Praying at home for morning and evening prayers
    • Linking with the MUI’s fatwa on praying from home and not gathering at the Mosque or together for prayers
    • Steps to take – washing hands with soap, using your own prayer rug, etc.
    • Tips on fasting and when you shouldn’t fast

Source: Breakthrough ACTION/Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs

Date of Publication: July 21, 2020