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Couples’ HIV Testing and Counseling Participant’s Manual Swaziland

The Couples HIV Testing and Counseling (CHTC) Intervention and Training Curriculum was developed in response to increased demand from field partners for interventions and training that would help them address the complex issues related to HIV testing and counseling (HCT) with couples. The materials are intended to guide trainers and participants through a general course covering essential topics and activities for the CHTC provider. By addressing CHTC technical content, and counseling and communication skills through learning exercises and hands-on practice, the materials aim to increase the skills of counselors who provide HCT to couples.

Working with couples can be challenging and complex, even for the most experienced counselor. This manual was developed to address the challenges faced by these counselors in the field.

The goal of this manual is to guide trainers in training HIV prevention counselors to conduct CHTC sessions. The chapters outlined in the curriculum will build upon the existing counseling skills of HCT providers so that they may help individuals in a couple understand the results of their HIV tests, as well as the importance of preventing all of their partners from becoming infected with HIV.

Source: Swaziland National AIDS Program

Date of Publication: March 25, 2019