Project Example

Dealing With Alcohol Safety: A Grade 7 Learner’s Book

This book is part of the Phuza Wize – Drink Safe, Live Safe campaign to encourage people to drink less alcohol, and so reduce alcohol-related violence.

The Phuza Wize – Drink Safe, Live Safe campaign aims to:

  1. Provide information about how alcohol affects our health and safety
  2. Raise awareness of what people who choose to drink can do to drink responsibly
  3. Work with the police, community police forums and other community groups to make alcohol-free zones around schools and other places in their neighborhood
  4. Encourage owners and managers of taverns, shebeens and bars to take action to make their establishments safer places for people to drink

The book includes information on the facts about alcohol, making choices about alcohol, how alcohol relates to violence, coping with a drinking problem, and making safer drinking places. Each topic is covered with basic information and facts, and there are activities to encourage discussion.

Source: Soul City

Date of Publication: March 25, 2019