Project Example

Generation Skillz Coach’s Guide, v.2.3

Generation SKILLZ is a culture, mindset, and toolkit for educators to use when teaching young people about HIV/AIDS and life skills. Generation SKILLZ creates simple and powerful connections between soccer and life. The SKILLZ approach helps young people have relevant and important discussions about life, take small steps to achieve their goals, stay strong when faced with challenges, and protect themselves and others from HIV and AIDS.

The Generation SKILLZ Coach’s Guide is a cutting edge, youth-based and evidence-supported interactive HIV prevention and life skills curriculum designed for South African youth aged 15-19 years. Young adult educators called “SKILLZ Coaches” deliver the curriculum in various settings including schools and other youth groups.

This 11-practice intervention uses soccer language, metaphors, and activities to address key behaviors that drive the spread of HIV in southern Africa including multiple sexual partners, older sexual partners, and gender-based violence. Also included is the intervention overview.

Source: Grassroot Soccer

Date of Publication: March 25, 2019