Project Example

GREAT Project How-to-Guide

The Gender Roles, Equality, and Transformations (GREAT) project (covered in a Health COMpass Spotlight) is an evidence-based international development intervention that succeeded in improving gender norms related to
sexual and reproductive health and gender-based violence in Northern Uganda. The GREAT model encompasses several components and places collaboration with local partners and the community at the center of the intervention. GREAT’s elements are tested, evidence-based, and scalable; its interventions are tailored to life stages within the broad category of ‘young people.’ GREAT is simple and low-cost, and is designed to respect positive norms and values even as it asks communities to examine and challenge those norms and values that are negative. GREAT includes: 1) simple steps to bring communities together to take action to improve adolescent well-being; 2) a serial radio drama with stories and songs about young people and their families living in Northern Uganda; 3) orientation to help Village Health Teams (VHTs) offer youth-friendly services; and 4) a toolkit with lively stories and games. Each of the components encompasses specific methods and tools.

This How-to-Guide provides the tools and instructions needed to implement the GREAT project in a community. It is broken down into sections for each GREAT project component; within each component chapter, one will find an overview of the component, suggested activity sessions, and tracking forms for tracking implementation progress. Activity sessions may be repeated in multiple chapters of the guide for ease of use. This guide also includes the handouts referenced throughout the guide. Some of the materials in the are sourced from other projects that were studied while conceptualizing GREAT.

Source: Georgetown University

Date of Publication: March 25, 2019