Project Example

Multiple Concurrent Partnerships: Picture Codes [Namibia]

This material is part of the “Break the Chain” campaign which a segment of the “Take Control” Campaign in Namibia to reduce HIV/AIDS infections. “Break the Chain” had as its objectives to raise awareness about sexual networks, to promote clear strategies to reduce risks caused by being involved in sexual networks, and to address the underlying issues which cuase individuals to have concurrent partners.

Picture codes, similar to cue cards, are materials that are used to stimulate discussions about specific issues. The picture codes have a picture on one side showing individuals participating in a particular task, and on the other side has questions which can be asked of the participants. The codes cover various issues in multiple concurrent partnerships including intergenerational sex, transactional sex, and aspects of healthy relationships.

Source: C-Change, FHI360

Date of Publication: March 25, 2019