Project Example

NURHI Get it Together Creative Brief

These creative briefs are the overarching guides to the Get it Together campaign – NURHI’s flagship mass media approach. Each brief contains background, significant determinants of behavior, target group, campaign objectives, positioning statement, calls to action, creative considerations, messaging, and technical specifications.

In 2012 a midterm evaluation (Measurement, Learning & Evaluation of the Urban Health Initiative: Nigeria 2012 Midterm Survey) showed considerable improvements in Family Planning knowledge and behavior across the four Nigerian cities. The evaluation showed increases in the knowledge of family planning methods from baseline to midterm across all cities for both men and women. More than 98 percent of men and women have correct knowledge (spontaneous or probed) of at least one family planning method at midterm. The largest increases were observed in Kaduna — a 23 percentage-point increase for women and a 19 percentage-point increase for men.

Source: Johns Hopkins University Center for Communication Programs

Date of Publication: March 25, 2019