Project Example

Pathways to Change [Game and Moderator’s Handbook]

Pathways to Change is a behavior change tool in the form of a simple game. The goal of the game is for small teams of players (3–6 people per team) to identify several facilitators that would help a specific character achieve his or her behavior change objective by changing a specific negative behavior, and to identify several barriers that would make it more difficult for him or her to achieve this objective. These barriers and facilitators are then used to create a story about how the character changed his or her behavior. The game serves two purposes: it helps teach small groups of the target population about key concepts in behavior change and it also helps the moderator of the game learn more about barriers and facilitators to change from the perspective of the target population. This manual explains in detail how the Pathways to Change game is used and what role the moderator plays. Before using this Moderator’s Handbook, it is recommended that Pathfinders are given a training in behavior change and given the experience to play the game themselves.

A low-literacy version of this game is also available.

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Global Health Communcations, Pathfinder International

Date of Publication: March 25, 2019