Project Example

Population Flash Cards

These 7 population flash cards are part of the religious leaders’ training kit developed by the Jordan Health Communication Partnership. The flash cards provide key facts about the Jordanian population to help religious leaders see the important role family planning plays in family health. Topics include population growth over time, population size, total fertility rate, water consumption trends, amount of water needed to meet household needs, birth spacing impact on neo-natal mortality, and birth spacing impact on infant mortality. The religious leaders’ training program built the capacities of male and female religious leaders (RLs) in advocating for family health according to the Laws of Islam. After a RL participates in a training workshop s/he sets a personal six-month plan of action including Friday sermons, religious lessons, and other public awareness activities such as lectures and seminars for constituents. After these activities occur, there is immediate follow up and monitoring and monthly reports from the field through a special field coordinator. Pre and post training studies revealed that the trainings had a positive impact on RLs’ knowledge, attitudes, and practices regarding family planning and gender. RLs were more likely to give sermons, lectures, and religious lessons on family health after the trainings; nearly 200,000 individuals were reached through these means.

Source: Johns Hopkins University Center for Communication Programs

Date of Publication: March 25, 2019