Project Example

Terumbu karang: Tinggal tunggu waktu atau masih ada waktu? [Waiting for the End, or Is There Still Time?]

SeKarang! was a campaign in Indonesia (1999-2002) combining mass media and community-based approaches to promote marine resource management and specifically to save the coral reefs of the country. The stated goal of the project was To protect, rehabilitate and achieve sustainable use of coral reefs and associated ecosystems in Indonesia, in order to enhance the welfare of coastal communities. The communication component of the campaign focused on educating the public on the how and why of coral reef protection and on creating political pressure & support.

The campaign included videos, radio spots, workshops for journalists, and other communication products. Evaluation showed that the higher the exposure to the campaign’s communication activities/materials, the larger the impact on knowledge, attitudes, motivations, and involvement in coral reef management efforts. Also, an increase in the reported use of relatively reef-friendly techniques appeared to be related to campaign exposure.

This pamphlet explains the danger to the country’s health and economics caused by the degradation of the coral reef and calls for action on the part of each member of society to help restore it.

Source: Johns Hopkins University Center for Communicaiton Programs, Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI)

Date of Publication: March 25, 2019