Project Example

Implementing Integrated Population, Health and Environment Interventions in the Lake Victoria Basin

The HoPE-LVB Project employs a PHE approach that gives underserved families and communities living in the Lake Victoria Basin the knowledge and skills to improve their health, reduce poverty and increase their capacity to sustainably manage natural resources.

The aim of this training curriculum is to help HoPE-LVB build the technical knowledge and skills needed to support implementation of cross-sectoral integrated PHE activities among community leaders and members, as well as local government partners and other NGO colleagues who are interested in replicating the HoPE-LVB model throughout the Lake Victoria Basin and beyond.

The curriculum is designed for a 3.5 day training but in some communities depending on the capacity to absorb the content, it may take longer. The trainer should design the training based on adequate knowledge about the trainees. The Curriculum contains 13 modules.

Source: Pathfinder International

Date of Publication: March 25, 2019