Infection Control Symbol Templates

This is a collection of 13 letter-size infection control templates for Microsoft Word. These templates:

  • Simplify infection prevention & control messaging
  • Are pre-designed with symbols from The Infection Control Symbol Package to save you time
  • Are always ready to be printed in-house on letter-size paper for quick, timely turn-around
  • Can be saved once completed for quick & organized handling (getting approval, sharing approved files, changing messaging)

Simply highlight the placeholder text within the template and type in your message. The symbols at the bottom imply that specific precautionary actions and PPE are required; highlight and delete any that do not apply to your current message before printing.

These templates are designed for Microsoft Office 2003 or newer for compatibility reasons.

Please leave the attribution and copyright information in the footer intact – this is required for free non-commercial reproduction of Creative Commons licensed graphics. In addition, these templates and the infection control symbol package that the symbols originate from have been hosted by the Ebola Communication Network site since 2014. The Infection Control Symbol Package can be found at Individual Infection Control Symbol Template downloads at

Last modified: March 25, 2019

Language: English