Learning Resources to Support Staff during the COVID-19 Pandemic – and Beyond [], a signature program of the Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation, is an open online learning community built to empower humanitarians working in relief and development.

In order to support the workforce of the non-profit sector and NGOs during the current pandemic, they have created a new collection of short, engaging resources grouped in easy-to-navigate playlists, with content from top training providers (such as the Konterra Group, EJ4 or for French-speakers Institut Bioforce) and health specialists (like WHO and CDC). These playlists offer content to help everyone work safely, and to promote infection prevention, preparedness, and well-being during this pandemic. The collection also includes resources to support remote workers and the creation of engaging webcasts and online presentations.

All these resources are available in English and they have also a French playlist. Access is free and unlimited – just create an account on

Below are landing pages for specific playlists:
Coronavirus Playlist

Working Remotely

COVID-19 Playlist (for Health Care Workers)

Hand Washing Techniques

Last modified: May 2, 2020

Language: English