Project Example

Académie de l’Artisanat – Benin

This webpage introduces the Académie de l’Artisanat project, implemented in Benin under Transform/PHARE.

Transform/PHARE designed a prototype craft academy, Académie de l’Artisanat, to reach young, out-of-school women with information on and referrals for modern contraceptive methods. A handcraft academy model was selected based on the insight that young, out-of-school women were interested in learning income generating skills, such as making crafts that also allows them to earn modest income. During the Académie workshops, beading specialists taught the young women how to make a variety of beaded handicrafts, including necklaces, bracelets, and bags. At the end of the workshop, a community facilitator provided lessons on modern contraceptive methods and referrals to contraceptive services.

Source: PSI

Date of Publication: February 24, 2021