Project Example

ChezaSalama is an interactive website in Kiswahili and English which delivers facts about sexual and reproductive health and lifestyle in a fresh, youthful and colourful way.

The Kiswahili name “Chezasalama” stands for “play it safe” or “play safe”. Designed for, and by, Tanzanian youth aged between 12-24 years, The website covers topics such as falling in love, having sex, condoms, drug use and gender-based violence to the latest in the “bongo flava” music scene. The website takes an Entertaiinment Education approach, and the virtual space is open and anonymous so that youth feel comfortable having discussions on taboo issues such as masturbation and sex, sexual orientation, puberty, pregnancy and contraceptives.

The site attracts not only the target group, but also teachers and parents -with 70% of respondents indicating that they are aged 24 -30 years (above the age of the intended target).

Source: Femina Hip

Date of Publication: March 25, 2019