Project Example

Aiisseee! (I Say!) Game Show Radio Campaign Post-test Report

Aiisseee! is a 30-minute radio show in Tanzania aired by Radio Clouds weekly on Sundays 6.45pm to 8.00pm.

JHU created this show in the form of questions and answers to make couples (who are dating, married over a short period of time and married over a long period of time) compete, to determine which couple knows each other well. The couple that wins the contest gets a prize and the prizes differ from one episode to another. This show/contest is very entertertaining, original and motivates couples to have healthy relationships. The target audience for the show is men, women, and couples of reproductive age. The objective of the show is to improve couple communication and promote couple connectedness.

The objectives of the post-test exercise were to analyze results after the first season of the show:

1. Find what the audiences like about the show.
2. Find out what the audiences don’t like about the show.
3. To get any input on improving the show and how.

Two focus group discussions with 8 participants for males and females were conducted.

Overall both groups liked the show and they offered input in some areas for making it even better. The main issue with regard to achieving the objective of the show which is to build skills in how to communicate effectively with and better relate to one’s partner.

Source: Johns Hopkins University Center for Communication Programs

Date of Publication: March 25, 2019