Project Example

Bamboo Shoots. A Training Manual on Child-Centred Community Development /Child-led Community Actions for Facilitators Working with Children and Youth Groups

This manual is intended to open opportunities for children to learn about their own rights and discover their potential. It is expected that once the children acquire this knowledge, it will help them gain dignity. The manual contains a body of knowledge on rights-based programming and tools and techniques that are deeply rooted in international human rights and child rights principles.

The emphasis of the training is on practical actions that children will come up with following identification of the child rights violations – it therefore creates a platform for them to recognize and address issues affecting them directly. Children are the main actors in their own development, not just on the receiving end of development. Children can critically analyze their situation, including the factors that facilitate or hinder their development. Child-led actions can stimulate duty bearers in their responsibility to protect, fulfill and respect the rights of children.

Source: PLAN International

Date of Publication: March 25, 2019