Project Example

Community Health Worker Recruitment Posters

The Zambian government launched a Community Health Assistant (CHA) program in 2010. The Ministry’s goal was to train 5,000 new CHAs by 2017—a massive investment in a country with only 6,000 nurses.

Recruited from their communities, trained, and then deployed back to their communities, community health workers are thought to have the necessary relationships, local knowledge, and sense of community responsibility to deliver health services to underserved areas. Informal, small-scale, community health worker programs have existed for years, but recently many countries in Sub-Saharan Africa have sought to formalize the cadre and implement national programs at scale. In each community, the district health authority posted these paper advertisements for Community Health Assistant (CHA) jobs in public spaces, such as schools, churches, and the health center.

Source: Zambia Ministry of Health

Date of Publication: March 25, 2019