Project Example

Data Scoping and Evidence Map Generation Exercise Final Report

This report presents the main accomplishment of the contract agreement between Breakthrough Action Nepal and Mr. Dipak Prasad Upadhyaya.

Data scoping exercise is the collaboration between the Central Departm ent of Public Health, Institute of Medicine (CDPH/IOM) and Breakthrough ACTION (BA) Nepal rigorously collaborate the academia and public health practice, to strengthen the public health practice and education. The first important outcome was students had learned data scoping skills and developed data scoping exercise sheet on behavioral factors of non communicable diseases. We find that we can leverage the linkage of public health practice and education for system strengthening.

Further, students had devel oped not only an evidence map on NCDs and their behavioral influencing factors, but also prepared abstract for scientific summit. It reflects that small scale collaboration to transfer skills might have a significant difference in teaching learning. This brief report provides descriptive information on the deliverables: data scoping working group, data scoping exercise excel sheet, evidence maps, and other accomplishments.

Source: IOM-CDPH

Date of Publication: March 12, 2020