Project Example

CDPH Students Data Scoping Presentation

Breakthrough ACTION Nepal and Institute of Medicine – Cenral Department of Public Health (IOM-CDPH) entered into an understanding on September 10, 2019, that CDPH would provide continuity to SBC data scoping and evidence map generation on priority health behaviors to understand multilevel factors at different geographical locations in Nepal, and it would also increase the utilization of evidence in formulation and implementation of policies and programs in Nepal.

Breakthrough ACTION conducted an orientation event at IOM with 37 Master’s in Public Health (MPH) and Master’s in Public Health Education (MPHE) students. The objectives of the orientation were to share the Breakthrough ACTION’s data-scoping exercise process and learnings, and to explore the opportunity to collaborate with faculty and students on continuing the data-scoping exercise. Thereafter, some of the students conducted data scoping exercise for NCDs. A data scoping exercise reviews and maps a wide range of literature with the purpose of envisioning where gaps and innovative approaches may lie.This is the presentation that they shared after completion of the data scoping exercise.

Source: Breakthrough ACTION/Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs

Date of Publication: April 13, 2020