Project Example

Enjoy Life Community Dialogue Booklet

This Community Dialogue booklet is part of a set of branded materials developed for the “Enjoy Life-Keep Good Health campaign” in 2012 in Uganda. In the Western region of Uganda, the campaign “Keep good health! Enjoy life!” was developed by Malaria Consortium and launched in April 2012, to support demand generation and treatment adherence as part of an integrated community case management program. The communication campaign targeted rural communities and caregivers, and focused on 1) marketing the timely & consistent use of VHT services in case of child sickness (early care-seeking), 2) raising demand for RDTs (demand for testing before treating), and 3) promoting the daily use of LLINs and other illness-prevention key behaviors. The campaign used a mix of complementary and self-reinforcing strategies:

  • Mass media communication channels
  • Community activation to generate interactive and in-depth discussion at community level

This booklet is a simple guide for local leaders and Village Health Team members, who received training on the community dialogue approach, to remind them of the key steps and provide some basic discussion guides. The booklet is used during training, and by the VHTs to prepare for and lead regular Community Dialogues that they organize at the village level about 3 main childhood diseases’ prevention & management. During Community Dialogue sessions, facilitated by trained community members in collaboration with Community Health Workers (VHTs – Village Health Teams), caregivers and key household decision-makers share their stories of how they prevent and manage childhood illnesses. VHTs also use the visual Enjoy Life-Keep Good Health Flipchart to help fill in knowledge gaps. You can learn more about this approach here.

Source: Malaria Consortium

Date of Publication: March 25, 2019