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Enjoy Life ICCM [Posters]

These 4 posters are part of a set of branded communication materials developed for the “Enjoy Life-Keep Good Health campaign” in 2012 in Uganda. Malaria Consortium has been supporting the Uganda Ministry of Health in rolling out an integrated community case management (ICCM) program in several regions of the country since 2009, as part of the Village Health Team Strategy. Community health workers (called Village Health Teams) are trained to diagnose and treat simple cases of malaria, pneumonia and diarrhea in children under five. In the Western region of Uganda, the campaign “Keep good health! Enjoy life!” was developed by Malaria Consortium and launched in April 2012, to support demand generation and treatment adherence as part of an integrated community case management program. The communication campaign targeted rural communities and caregivers, and focused on 1) marketing the timely & consistent use of VHT services in case of child sickness (early care-seeking), 2) raising demand for RDTs (demand for testing before treating), and 3) promoting the daily use of LLINs and other illness-prevention key behaviors. The campaign and the set of branded materials were developed using a strategic communication process, including formative research, strategy development, client-oriented design, theme concept testing, materials pre-testing, participatory implementation planning and monitoring and evaluation. The overall theme and colors of the Enjoy Life campaign and materials were developed using concept testing to ensure its relevance and appeal to the target audiences. The Enjoy Life-Keep Good Health Posters were widely distributed throughout the districts of the Western Uganda region, posted at health facilities, trade and worship centers, as well as VHTs and community leaders’ homes to ensure maximum outreach and target population exposure.

Source: Malaria Consortium

Date of Publication: March 25, 2019