Project Example

Gender Mainstreaming Strategy (2015-2020)

This strategy reflects USAID Zambia Community HIV Prevention Project’s (USAID-Z-CHPP) team and sub-partners’ understanding of gender-related barriers and consequences for HIV prevention.

USAID Z-CHPP prioritizes gender equity and gender equality as a critical dimension to its strategy for HIV prevention in Zambia. The project recognizes that tackling gender norms and inequities in Zambia is not just essential to achieving optimal health for women and girls, but is, in fact, essential for reducing HIV risk and will significantly contribute to optimal health outcomes for all Zambians.

The strategy centers on an innovative, gender-transformative approach to overcoming the gender constraints that hinder the prevention of the spread of HIV among women, men, girls, and boys. The approach translates gender and development concepts into practice and develops creative means to understand and influence the way social norms and relations, as well as the power, interdependencies, and inequalities associated with them, affect women, men, girls, and boys across the project sites.

Source: Pact Zambia, Plan International Zambia

Date of Publication: March 25, 2019