Project Example

National Strategy for Malaria Control and PreElimination 2011-2015, Lao People’s Democratic Republic

The first section of this document provides background information relevant to the strategic plan for malaria control in Lao PDR. It includes a brief country profile, the health system and an overview of malaria (covering epidemiology, history and the current situation).

The second section describes the National Strategy for Malaria Control and Elimination 2011-2015, description of the program framework, budgets, quantification of commodities and related indicators.

Projected outcomes will be achieved through the implementation of activities grouped under eight program objectives:
(1) Optimize the functionality of national malaria control and elimination efforts by strengthening program management.
(2) Maximize access to effective vector control and personal protection measures.
(3) Improve access to early, effective diagnosis for malaria.
(4) Support routine case management for malaria in all public sector health facilities, at community level in Stratum 3 villages and in selected private sector health facilities in more endemic districts.
(5) Strengthen routine Malaria Information System.
(6) Maintain malaria epidemic preparedness and response capabilities.
(7) Progressively roll out malaria elimination in selected provinces.
(8) Maximize utilization of malaria services through IEC/BCC and strengthen community mobilization efforts especially in elimination provinces.

Source: WHO and Ministry of Health. Lao People's Democratic Republic

Date of Publication: March 25, 2019