Project Example

Guatemala Family Planning Law Creative Brief

This creative brief was developed for the project in Guatemala which had as its theme, “We have the right to plan a healthy and happy family.” The project aimed to increase understanding of the right to family planning among rural indigenous population of the Guatemalan Western Highlands and prioritized areas of intervention. The audiences for the project werev women in reproductive age (15-49 years) and adolescents (primary audience) and Men (women´s partner), mothers in law, health providers, traditional birth attendants, religious and community leaders, and teachers (secondary audience). Also listed are obstacles/barriers, main messages, and media content.

The creative brief lists the aims of the project as:

  • Primary audience: Understand that family planning is a right protected under Guatemalan law
  • Secondary audience: Supports primary audience and does not oppose family planning

Source: Ministry of Health Guatemala, PASMO, PSI

Date of Publication: March 25, 2019