Project Example

Family Planning Law Campaign Creative Brief

The Family Planning Law Campaign was designed, produced and implemented by the USAID|PlanFam project, with the purpose to disseminate information about the right to family planning among rural indigenous women and men from Guatemala. The campaign was made using basic language and short sentences so as to better explain what may be complicated laws.

The campaign’s goal is that, once the rights and laws are understood, it is easier for community health workers to convey messages about the benefits of family planning and make referrals to health services to obtain these services. The campaign materials included posters, pamphlets, comics, 30-second radio spots, and a 10 minute video.

Whereas the printed materials were made available in Spanish, the radio and video materials were also available in five Mayan languages spoken in the region (Kiché, Ixil, Cakchiquel, Mam, Qeqchi). The audience was also reached through entertainment education activities such as health fairs, mobile outreach vans, individual and group counseling, and community meetings.

This creative brief explains the goal, the audience, messages, content, and media for the campaign.

Source: PSI PASMO Guatemala

Date of Publication: March 25, 2019