Project Example

Healthy Behavior Radio Spots [DRC]

These radio spots were broadcast across four provinces: Katanga, Sud-Kivu, Kasai Oriental and Kasai Occidental by eight different radio stations.

Each spot was pre-tested to ensure the messages were clear, culturally appropriate, and relevant to the target audience. The six radio spots discuss the following key health behaviors:

  • The importance of pregnant women receiving prenatal consultations
  • Taking rapid action to seek health care for a young child with a fever as the fever may indicate the child has malaria and needs immediate care
  • Alerting women to danger signs during pregnancy so that they can be aware of serious health issues during pregnancy and guidance on next steps
  • Using and sleeping under mosquito nets treated with insecticide to prevent malaria, particularly for children and pregnant women
  • Washing hands before handling and cooking food to prevent the spread of germs and illness
  • Washing hands after using the toilet to prevent the spread of germs and illness

Source: Search for Common Ground, FHI 360

Date of Publication: March 25, 2019