Project Example

Injection Safety Campaign Materials

The Guyana Safer Injections Project (GSIP) worked closely with the Ministry of Health in Guyana to promote behaviors that prevent HIV transmission and other blood-borne diseases through sharp injuries in health facilities and communities.

In 2004, GSIP entered into a partnership with the CIDA-funded project Municipal Governance and Management Program (MGMP) to strengthen the capacity of municipalities in regions 6 and 10 to engage health workers and communities to take actions in order to prevent sharps injuries. This entailed the development of SBCC messages and materials, as well as activities to support their use at the community and health facility level. After 2004 the project scaled up throughout Regions 6 and 10 and expanded into other regions.

Based on the results of the quantitative and qualitative assessments, the project designed five posters that were pre-tested and submitted to the Ministry of Health (MOH) for approval. These five posters were then produced and distributed to the pilot health facilities. One poster was for the patient/client, three were for the providers, and two were for the waste handlers. Messages include “tablets work as well as injections,” “needlestick injury? act fast,” “do not recap,” “protect yourself, wear gear,” and “dispose of sharps safely.”

Source: Ministry of Health, Guyana

Date of Publication: March 25, 2019